Cove PREP Staff

Cove PREP offers specialized behavioral treatment for adolescent male sex offenders.

At PREP, there are a variety of different staff who play a part in ensuring that residents receive safe and quality care.

Facility Administrator: This is the person who has the overall responsibility for the operation of the facility and the program.

Milieu Manager: This person is responsible to schedule and supervise the Shift Supervisors and the Behavioral Health Associates. The Milieu Manager ensures that there is always a sufficient number of staff on duty for daily activities to run smoothly and safely. He provides ongoing training for staff and ensures that all staff receives a minimum of 40 hours of training each year on how to work effectively with residents. He assists the direct care staff in designing and implementing behavioral approaches and safeguards to help residents learn to appropriately control their behavior.

Clinical Services Manager & Therapists: These people have the key responsibility for the therapy portion of the program. They work with the psychiatrist and psychologist to develop individual treatment plans for each resident. They conduct sexual offender and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy groups each week. These groups help residents address their patterns of sexual offending and learn to change their thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. The therapists also conduct individual and family therapy sessions. They communicate closely with Probation or other treatment providers.

Shift Supervisors: These people oversee the activities on each shift and ensure that the schedule is followed and that any problems on the milieu are addressed quickly and appropriately. They provide supervision and direction for the Behavioral Health Associates and work with residents to resolve conflicts or concerns. They develop behavioral plans and reward systems to help residents take steady, small steps to reach their goals.

Behavioral Health Associates: These people work directly with the residents on each shift. They conduct scheduled activities and unit groups. They help the residents meet their behavioral goals by prompting residents to follow rules and enforcing consequences.  They also coach the residents on completion of daily chores, hygiene and homework.

Nurse: The nurse coordinates all medical care in the facility. She works with the residents, medical doctor, psychiatrist, pharmacy, dentist, etc. to make sure that all medical concerns are dealt with quickly and appropriately. The nurse also makes certain that residents receive all immunizations necessary and will assist with special diets or any other special needs related to resident health.

Teachers: Cove PREP provides an onsite school in cooperation with the Derry Area School District. The teachers are in contact with the resident’s home school to obtain records and to ensure that any special educational needs are addressed during the residents stay. Special tutoring and adaptation of lessons is provided when needed. Additionally, Cove PREP works cooperatively with the Speech and Hearing Clinic at Indiana University of Pennsylvania to obtain services for youth with special speech and language needs. The education program operates year round with a summer school focus on assisting residents in identifying vocational interests and developing independent living skills including job interviewing skills, budgeting, etc.

Physicians & Psychologist: Cove PREP contracts with a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist and Psychologist, who come onsite each week to provide specialized care. Each resident has a physical within a week of admission. The Medical Doctor provides care for routine medical problems throughout the course of the resident’s stay. Additionally, he orders lab work and refers to outside specialists when needed. The Psychiatrist is a specialist in dealing with adolescents who have committed sexual offenses or other delinquent behaviors. All residents are seen for a psychiatric evaluation as part of their admission diagnostic process. If residents are on medications for mental health problems, or need to be, the Psychiatrist will see them regularly to monitor their symptoms and responses to medications. The Psychologist oversees all psychological testing and assists the Clinical Team in developing treatment plans that address identified problems.

Support Staff: The Office Manager, Facility Operations Manager, Dietary and Housekeeping staff all plan a role in ensuring that the facility operates in a clean and safe manner, that appropriate supplies are available and that mail and phone calls are handled in a timely manner.

Staffing at Cove PREP is structured in keeping with requirements of 55 Pa Code, Chapter 3800 as pertaining to Secure Care facilities.These standards set forth the age, education, experience, and training requirements for the Administrator and direct care staff and supervisors. Cove PREP meets or exceeds these requirements at all times. In addition to staff qualification requirements, Cove PREP complies with or exceeds the staff to client ratios required by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare for child serving agencies.

Cove PREP’s Staffing Ratios Are As Follows:

  • Supervisor Onsite For All Shifts
  • Direct Care Staff (Minimum During Awake Hours) – 1:4
  • Direct Care Staff (Minimum During Sleeping Hours) – 1:8