Diagnostic Services

There is hope for youthful sexual offenders if they receive intensive multi-faceted treatment that targets their individual patterns and needs. Cove PREP is committed to providing that treatment.

At the request of our referral sources, Cove PREP now offers a thorough diagnostic service to determine the severity of a youth’s sexual offending pattern and identify the most appropriate level of treatment.

Our diagnostic service includes the following elements:

  • Psychological testing to identify level of cognitive functioning and academic achievement
  • Comprehensive evaluation of sexual behaviors and patterns
  • Psychiatric evaluation to identify any conditions that may contribute to offending behaviors or interfere with effective treatment

When the diagnostic service has been completed, the referral source will receive a comprehensive evaluation report. This document will include recommendations for the type of treatment that appears to be indicated for the youth.

The standard time frame to complete the diagnostic service is four to six weeks. We also offer a two-week option for young people who meet certain criteria. The two-week option may be extended if a therapeutic polygraph is required.

To determine which diagnostic service option is right for your patient or client, please contact Cove PREP. A member of our team is available to speak with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.