Mail and Phone Communications

Cove PREP offers specialized behavioral treatment for adolescent male sex offenders.

Phone Privileges & Correspondence

Upon admission to PREP, an authorized phone, mail and visitors list will be formulated and approved by the resident’s therapist and/or probation officer. These are the only people other than legal representatives and identified clergy, that the resident will be able to communicate with while at PREP.

All residents are allowed to call their families at least once a week. As a resident progresses through the phase system they are allowed additional phone calls per week. The phone schedule is:

During Early Treatment (Entry Phase & Phase I) – Residents are permitted one (1) ten (10) minute outgoing phone call per week. An additional call is permitted during middle phases of treatment and a maximum of three (3) calls in the final phases of treatment.

The resident may earn an extra phone call by achieving the “A” allowance level for the week through positive behavior. The resident will be limited to two incoming phone calls per week.

Phone call days are scheduled by unit. Residents are encouraged and allowed to write as many letters as they like. Residents may be requested to open incoming mail in staff’s presence if there is reasonable suspicion that contraband, or other information or material that may jeopardize the resident’s health, safety or well-being may be enclosed. Outgoing mail will not be opened or read by staff persons. Any incoming mail from federal, state or county officials or from the resident’s attorney will not be opened or read by staff members.