Referral and Admissions Process

Cove PREP offers specialized behavioral treatment for adolescent male sex offenders.

Cove PREP reviews each request for admission in order to determine if our program can appropriately meet the needs of the youth being referred for placement. The following information is required to make that determination:

  • Information regarding the sexual offenses
  • Placement history and records
  • Legal information – including any arrest reports and current legal status
  • Copies of any Psychological &/or psychiatric evaluations
  • Education history & relevant records
  • Medical history – including immunization records

The Treatment Team will review the referral packet and determine if the youth is appropriate for admission. If so, an admission date will be scheduled. This process is typically completed in one week or less.

The Treatment Team may recommend an alternative level of care, or may request that a face-to-face interview be scheduled to obtain further information.

Referrals may be forwarded via mail or Fax to:

P.O. Box G
Torrance, PA. 15779
Fax at: (724) 459-9701
Questions may be directed to: 724.459.9700

Admissions Criteria

Cove Prep is unable to accept emergency placements

  • Juvenile must be adjudicated delinquent
  • Male, ages 12 – 20 years of age
  • Must have a concerning sexual background
  • Current legal status – (cases currently on appeal will not be accepted)
  • Severity of offense and/or prior placement & treatment history demonstrate a need for a secure facility (or the need for Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation)
  • Medical & Psychiatric conditions do not currently require acute, inpatient care.