PREA Standards

Cove PREP offers specialized behavioral treatment for adolescent male sex offenders.

Cove PREP underwent a PREA audit in October 2015 to ensure that the facility is in compliance with the PREA standards.

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), a federal law enacted in 2003, was created to eliminate sexual abuse in confinement settings (both juvenile and adult).

Reporting Abuse

It is the policy of Cove PREP that administrative, child abuse, and/or criminal investigations are completed for ALL allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.
ALL allegations of sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment are referred for investigation by law enforcement unless the allegation does not involve potentially criminal behavior.
If you suspect sexual abuse has happened at Cove PREP you may call the facility PREA Compliance Manager at 724- 459-9700 x122, our PREA Coordinator at 724-459-9700 x144, or any other member of program administration. Please have any information or evidence available for the investigator who will be assigned to handle the case. False accusations may be prosecuted. Additionally, reports of sexual abuse can be made outside of our facility to the Blackburn Center in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, or by calling them atĀ (888) 832-2272. All reports are taken seriously and investigated as outlined in PREA.

Data Review for Corrective Action and Publication

In compliance with Section 115.388 of the PREA Standards, Cove PREP annually reviews data collected and aggregated pursuant to section 115.387 in order to assess and improve the effectiveness of its sexual abuse prevention, detection, and response policies, practices, and training, including:

  • Identifying problem areas;
  • Taking corrective action on an ongoing basis; and
  • Preparing an annual report of its findings and corrective actions.

Also, in compliance with Section 115.389 of the PREA Standards, Cove PREP shall make all aggregated sexual abuse data readily available to the public at least annually.