Education Program

There is hope for youthful sexual offenders if they receive intensive multifaceted treatment that targets their individual patterns and needs. One element of that treatment at Cove PREP in Torrance, Pennsylvania, is a vibrant academic program.

Accredited Academics

A robust academic curriculum created in conjunction with our local school district

At Cove PREP, residents receive on-site instruction, provided by certified teachers in a structured classroom setting. Students are in school for four hours per day, Mondays through Fridays, from late August to early June. Classes include English, math, social studies, science, health, and physical education.

Cove PREP’s educational program is conducted in cooperation with Derry Area School District. Tuition is billed to the resident’s home school district. In the event that a resident is here through his 12th grade year and has earned enough credits to meet graduation requirements, he can receive a diploma. Depending upon credit acceptance, the diploma may be issued either by the student’s home district or through the Derry ASD.

Cove PREP’s education program has been honored with a “Distinguished Institution” award by the Pennsylvania Neglected and Delinquent Advisory Committee. We are one of only four programs in Pennsylvania to receive this recognition.

Personalized Instruction

Focused academic support to help Cove PREP students achieve success in the classroom

The academic program at Cove PREP features personalized instruction that is customized according to each resident’s grade level, academic ability, and behavior.

The Cove PREP academic team includes a special education teacher. This professional works closely with all other teachers to modify the curriculum to meet the requirements of students who have individualized education plans (IEPs).

Our focus on individualized attention is enhanced by small class sizes, which enable our teachers to spend significant one-on-one time with each student.

Intervention & Enrichment

Innovative educational opportunities provided by certified teachers

At Cove PREP, we understand that education should not be limited to the traditional school schedule. Thus, on non-school days, Cove PREP residents receive academic support via our Intervention & Enrichment (I/E) Program.

On I/E days, our teachers lead a highly structured series of small group instructional activities. In addition to providing additional support to residents who are in need of academic assistance, I/E days also offer enrichment opportunities for residents who may not need specialized education services.

Behavior Modification

A comprehensive focus on addressing problematic behaviors and rewarding improvements

Many Cove PREP residents have histories of behavioral problems in their home school districts. For this reason, in addition to providing personalized instruction, Cove PREP’s teachers also focus on positive behavior modification.

Our teachers collaborate with Cove PREP therapists and residential counselors to create behavior plans for their students. We employ a point system based on expected school behaviors such as participation, positive attitude, raising hands, and following directions.

To encourage accountability and personal responsibility, this point system includes a self-monitoring component. Students who achieve certain point levels have the opportunity to take part in special reward activities.

Improved classroom behaviors are among the many transferrable skills that can help Cove PREP residents become productive members of their families, schools, and communities.