Diagnostic Services

There is hope for youthful sexual offenders if they receive intensive multi-faceted treatment that targets their individual patterns and needs. Cove PREP is committed to providing that treatment.

At the request of our Referral Sources, Cove PREP now offers a short-term (4-6 week) Diagnostic Service. This service is appropriate when additional information is needed to determine the severity of a youth’s sexual offending pattern and what level of treatment is appropriate. This service includes:

  • Psychological testing to identify level of cognitive functioning and academic achievement
  • Comprehensive Evaluation of sexual behaviors and patterns
  • Psychiatric evaluation and psychological testing to identify any psychiatric conditions that may contribute to offending behaviors or interfere with effective treatment. The referral source will receive a written Comprehensive Evaluation Report that includes recommendations on the type of treatment that appears to be indicated for the youth. In many cases, this evaluation indicates that a less intensive level of care can adequately meet the youth’s needs. At times, additional specialized mental health care may also be recommended.