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Cove PREP Educational Program

At COVE PREP, residents are schooled onsite by Pennsylvania-certified teachers in a structured classroom setting. Students are in school for four hours per day, Monday through Friday, from late August to early June. They participate in English, Math, Social Studies, Science and Health and Physical Education. The program is adjusted according to each resident's grade level, academic ability, and behavior. Our Special Education teacher works closely with the other teachers to modify the curriculum to meet the requirements of the IEP's that accompany some of our students. Our small class size enables the teachers to spend more individualized time with each student.

COVE PREP's teachers work on behavior modification as well as academics since many of our residents have had histories of behavior problems or other adjustment problems in school. The teachers collaborate with the therapists and residential counselors to create behavior plans. A point system based on expected school behaviors (i.e. participation, positive attitude, raising hands, and following directions) is in place and includes self-monitoring by the students themselves. Students have the opportunity to participate in special reward activities. To earn this privilege the students are expected to display appropriate classroom behaviors.

Cove PREP's educational program is conducted in cooperation with Derry Area School District, which is the Local Education Agency. Tuition is billed to the resident's home school district. In the event that a resident is here through his twelfth grade year, he can graduate and earn his diploma from his home school district if they are in agreement with credits earned.
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